Sunday 10 February 2008

Welcome to Countercomplex!

Ladies and gentlemen.

We are living in a pre-apocalyptic world.

It is already quite obvious that a massive global disaster is going to occur sooner or later. We cannot prevent it anymore; the most we can do is prepare for it and try to reduce its effects.

In the meantime, the average human way of life is becoming increasingly "virtual": computing-oriented, detached from real-world surroundings, dependent on the global infrastructures of communication and production.

I like to envision the upcoming apocalypse as the ultimate clash of realities -- that is, the clash of the various virtual realities against the real thing.

This journal is not about doomsday preaching, however. It is about bitwise creations.

Bitwise creations in a pre-apocalyptic world.

And what does that mean?

I was going to use the term "computer art" or some variant thereof, but noticed that the connotations would be misleading, so I picked "bitwise creations" instead.

My idea of computational creativity is rooted in the older subcultures of microcomputer hacking, where every single bit is important, and a good artist is able to choose every single bit wisely. Experimentation is also an important keyword. My primary reference group is the demoscene, where much of this idea is still alive.

This idea forms a viewpoint that is quite different from what you would expect when you hear the words "computer art" in a random context.

My position

I've always hated consumerism, bloat, wastefulness, planned obsolescence and "keeping up with the latest". The rebellion against these ideas in the context of hobbyist computing has brought me into a position that largely deviates from the "mainstream ways". I very seldom buy any electronics as new. Most of my computing hardware comes from other people's trash, and a great portion of my demoscene creations is targeted for old and "limited" platforms.

"Retro" is still a swearword, however. Living in the past does not help in building a better future.

Those unfamiliar with my activity may want to look at these Youtube videos of some of the demoscene productions I've been involved with:

My upcoming rants

As I regard Countercomplex as the direct successor of my previous blog, "Viznut's Amazing Discoveries", quite many of the same topics will remain relevant:
  • I'll be writing about my own creations, creative processes and sources of inspiration. These topics may vary from dreams to algorithms, from video games to junk art, from philosophical theories to first-hand experience.
  • I'll also be writing about the demoscene and other "scenes" surrounding or overlapping my creative activity.
  • And of course, I'll be building crazy bridges between seemingly unrelated ideas and disciplines.

What differs from the first cycle is that the point of view is now more well-defined and consistent, hopefully allowing me to go somewhat deeper in the analysis.

You can also expect me to criticize all kinds of "enemy ideologies" every now and then -- whenever it is relevant to the scope of the journal, of course.

I'm going to aim at the eventual posting rate of once or twice per week.

Hope you like it.